Our company focuses on creating a premium brand with medicinal herb products, utilizing the highest quality processes and ingredients in the market.

Our goal is to become a leader in the industry, providing products that enhance the quality of life for our consumers.

We educate people about the benefits of medicinal herbs and influence their habits to promote a healthier lifestyle and become an essential part of everyday life.

All of our products are carefully crafted with passion and love, aiming to meet the highest quality standards and deliver optimal results.

We have embraced our mission with passion and dedication, and we hope to inspire you to join us on this journey and become part of our community.

MonteGrow headquarters in Nikšić.

We were established in mid-2021 in Nikšić, with our headquarters located at Trebješka br.5, where we have an office, a store, a laboratory, and a plantation building in preparation.

We are certified with three highest standards for conducting our activities – ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP.

These standards represent the highest level of quality in the business world and demonstrate our commitment to producing and distributing PREMIUM products of the highest quality.



Premium tea

Our premium teas are a superb combination of plant mixtures, carefully selected to provide maximum benefits for your body and enjoyment. 

Using the highest quality herbs, we create teas that are not only delicious, but also full of benefits for your health.

What sets us apart is our innovative packaging method. Instead of grinding, our teas are packed in bulk using the most modern technology in silk pyramid bags. This technique allows the aromas of the herbs to remain in their full glory, giving you a clean and refreshing taste in every sip.

Whether you are looking for a moment of relaxation or want to refresh your body with natural ingredients, our premium teas are here to invigorate and refresh you. 

Enjoy the charms of nature with every sip!

Premium Eco Drops

Our premium Eco drops are a superior combination of herbal tinctures, carefully selected to provide maximum benefits for your health and well-being.

Tinctures are concentrated plant extracts obtained by soaking plant parts in an ethanolic or glycalar solvent. This technique enables quick and effective absorption of nutrients from plants, which ensures optimal use of their benefits for your body.

Using the highest quality herbs, we create Eco drops that support your immune system, help reduce stress, improve general well-being, support healthy digestion and provide many other benefits. ABOUT

they cannot be used daily with water, tea or juice as a dietary supplement, providing you with a simple and natural way to preserve your health.